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October 16, 2020 



How it Began

After years of experience as a UI/UX Designer, MW stepped into the web development industry which initially began as a contract-based project for a company later focused on the E-commerce platform after realizing the need for digital presence for every business post covid. We were lucky enough to work with an amazing brand – Farm 2 Home, that has over 25000 customers as our first E-commerce project. This project gave us the opening to prove the quality of our work and what we stand for, TRANSPARENCY.

It took us 98 hours to complete the entire project and deliver it to our client bug-free ready to be published live. We made sure that the design was not just user-friendly but also elegantly responsive. It was a great experience to have worked on such an important project but the entire process was made easier thanks to the collaboration of CanCan Studio who not only helped us as a business analyst but also supported us with the design works which helped the completion of the project even faster than the deadline given by the client.


OCTOBER 26, 2020

Our First Success

Our Scope

MW didn’t stop with just the E-commerce platform.  We wanted to offer the small to large-scale businesses with services necessary to begin the business journey and establish it into a brand. This gave us the opportunity to expand our scope into further new services such as design works, marketing, etc. Furthermore, MW is also looking into the development platform which includes mobile app development and SAAS application.  We got the chance to work in an election campaign as a designer/web developer/SMM paving us the chance to take our presence into fields other than business.

So what makes us SO SPECIAL

We never missed a deadline. In fact, we can proudly say that we have completed all our works days prior to the project timeline.

Our Team

Mohanraj C

Software Developer

Mishaiel M


Ragavisree D

Content Creator

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